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Master Jerald Carter began his studies in 1984 under the direction of Master Jerry Williamson, 5th Dan (Shotokan Karate-Do).  In 1991 he was introduced to Grandmaster Jack Hogan, whom Master Carter began his studies with in Ryukyu Kempo and Kyusho-Jitsu.  In 1993 while at a seminar with Grandmaster George Dillman, Professor Wally Jay, and Professor Remy Presas he met Renshi Michael P. Andrews, whom he started a lifelong friendship with.  Through the years Master Carter was instructed by Renshi Andrews along with and under the guidance of Grandmaster Jack Hogan.  In March 2004 he was awarded his 4th Dan from Grandmaster Hogan.  That same year he achieved a Master Level 1 in Kyusho-Jitsu.  In October 2007 he was awarded his 5th Dan from Grandmaster Hogan at the HKI Annual Kyusho Camp.  Master Carter was also awarded 1st Degree in Modern Arnis under the direction of Guro Bruce Chiu.

     Master Carter not only considers Renshi Andrews a mentor and teacher, but a member of his family.  Grandmaster Hogan has been like a father figure to both Master Carter and Renshi Andrews.  He thinks of Renshi Andrews as a brother... a bond which will never be broken.  "Both Grandmaster Hogan and Renshi Andrews have been influential parts of my life, and not only am I a better martial artist, but a better person because of these incredible people," Master Carter explains.  He is the head instructor of Carters Martial Arts Institute in Jacksonville, Florida.

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